alimenti neonati
You can find everything you need, for growth and care of your baby, at our pharmacy. You can take advantage of an immediate consultation with our trained staff who are available at the pharmacy. They will help you choose the best and most suitable products for your baby after understanding your needs.

Baby products available with us:

  • Different types of milk suitable in the first few months for the baby.
  • Growth milk.
  • Milk for lactose intolerant babies.
  • Milk for babies intolerant to milk proteins.
  • Flour cream.
  • Rice cream.
  • Tapioca cream.
  • Homogenized meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.
  • Vitamin supplements for babies and older children.
We are direct dealers of brands like HIPP, PLASMON, MELLIN and others.


 We have hypoallergenic cleansers, creams and lotions to take care of the hygiene of you child. We have accessories like bottles, teats, pacifiers and cradle caps. We also keep accessories for new mothers.
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