prodotti senza glutine
Today an increasing number of people, even as adults, find that they have an intolerance to gluten, which harms their health, in several crucial ways.

Our pharmacy offers a wide range of foods, made with gluten-free flour, which can be taken by both children and adults:

  • Cookies.
  • Breads.
  • Pastas.
  • Flour.
  • Crackers.
  • Rusks.
  • Other flour-based foods which are gluten free.
  • Assortment of fresh and frozen products.
NOT ONLY GLUTEN FREE ... our pharmacy, also offers products, suitable to all those who suffer from complex food intolerances, such as lactose intolerance and to milk protein.

Discover our wide range of products that lead to a healthy life. Find out how to reach us.
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