prodotti fitoterapici

At our pharmacy you will find homeopathic and herbal products which help you take care of your health and prevent illnesses using simple, natural, and non-invasive  remedies .

Homeopathy and herbal medicines are made entirely from natural plant extracts and exploit the healing properties and organoleptic characteristics of the plant. Homeopathic and herbal products are now used extensively in treatment of various ailments and illnesses.

Homeopathy and herbal medicine can, not only give surprising results, for e.g. in dermatitis or skin allergies, but also provide very good results in case of problems related to anxiety or lack of sleep.

Our staff can advice you on these products, explain the properties of these medicines and suggest a suitable medicine that will treat your specific ailment.

We are exclusive sellers for these brands: SOLGAR, GSE, NAMED, Guna, BOIRON and others.

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