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tutori braccia Testaccio
The Pharmacy Testaccio offers a range of products and all the necessary advice of their proper use:

  • Generic and specialty medicines on prescription.
  • Homeopathic products for different applications.
  • Herbal products.
  • Food supplements for vegans, allergy sufferers, athletes and people with vitamin deficiencies.
  • Baby products: non-allergenic foods, milk, baby food.
  • Dietetic foods.
  • Lactose free food for children and adults.
  • Foods for coeliacs and gluten-free foods for people with complex food intolerances. 
  • Skin cosmetics, including face creams and hypoallergenic products.
  • Electromedical equipment and scales for babies.
  • Care products for people with disabilities.
  • Veterinary products including medications for dogs and cats and dietetic food
  • Orthopedic articles, including orthotics, footwear and guardians.
  • Galenic preparations.
Come and visit us to discover our products!
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